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Our World Design Studio is owned and operated by Vicki and Matt Hulbert and has been servicing Central Virginia since 2007.  With our extensive background in customer service we wanted to start a company that focused on delivering a level of customer service that truly inspired our customers and made each one feel special.  In addition we truly wanted to be different, not only in the way we conduct our business but in our offerings.  Our vision was to grow a company where honesty and integrity where a given, one that is customer focused,  always deliver as promised and strives to go above and beyond at every opportunity. 

We are fortunate to be able to build a business doing what we both love, giving us a place for our creative visions to shine through on each and every job we do.  We are firm believers that if you love and are passionate about what you do you can't help but be successful.

A little about Vicki:
Vicki Hulbert
Vicki has been putting to use her creative abilities for the better part of 30 years.  Doing everything from working in a graphic art studio to creating mosaic art pieces and faux finishes.  While she does have some formal art education she considers herself more a student of life.
While she has dabbled in several mediums she has always returned to her first passion, painting.  She especially enjoys working with furniture and the unique creative opportunities it offers and this shows through on every piece she does.
A little about Matt:
Matt has been working with computer now for over 25 years.  During this time he has had a very bright and unique career.  Matt has done everything from building microprocessors for Commodore 64 (OK really showing my age) to working as a business analysis for a fortune 500 software company.  In the early 90's Matt started his own Video and Graphic Studio which gave him an outlet for his creative side and has been looking to return to it ever since.
Matt Hulbert
In addition to his abilities as a web-designer Matt has over 10 years experience working both as a consultant and business analysis.  During this time he obtained his Project management certification through the PMI institute as well as his Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma through Villanova University
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