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It has been a great pleasure working with Matt Hulbert and "Our World" Design Studio. He has not only built our business an incredible website that has increased our clientele, he also gave very good advice on marketing strategies to use for our target audience. He was very proficient and professional as well. We really appreciate that he makes himself available for any changes we may need and he monitors our website each week to ensure that everything is performing as it should. He was recommended to me when we struggled to get a website that we were looking for. Now, I recommend him to all the people I know who are in need of a great website.

Great job Matt and thanks from all of us here at FASST!

Martin Peters
F.A.S.S.T -President

I want to thank Our World Design Studio for all of the help over the past several years.  Matt Hulbert and Our World Design Studio has been a great asset to our company.  He has helped us to improve many of our processes as well as keep our systems running smoothly.  Recently when we needed new systems, (and it turns out we were buying more then we needed) he took the time to help us understand what exactly we needed.  This allowed us to buy the systems and stay way under budget.    There is always someone I can talk to when I have an issue with my systems and the staff at Our World is top notch.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for any type of computer work.  Thank you Our World!!

Trisha Blough
G.C.S. Trucking

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"Dependability, focus, and a can do attitude" comes to mind when I think of Matt.  If he does`nt know something 100% he will research and collaberate until the solution is found.  I`ve found him to be a valuable asset in helping me with difficult web and database projects.  His writing is also very polished and detailed.I keep Matt`s phone number close when working on complex projects.

David Snow
Simplicity Incorporated


You have been instrumental to the success of my Real Estate business from assisting with my website to installing and maintaining my entire office network.

Your laid back style is wonderful. You don't talk over my head and you take the time to teach me. I find this a very comforting aspect of your business practice. You have not only helped me with numerous websites but other agents in our office have told me that you provided invaluable assistance to them, also. You manage to make complicated back door office systems WORK! Most agents hate calling tech support centers for website support because we waste a lot of time and don't get the results we need. Listening to you on the phone with tech support when you call them on their erroneous advice is great! As agents, we generally don't know the difference from good tech advice and bad tech advice. WE JUST WANT OUR SYSTEMS TO WORK and you do that for us.

Finally, I am grateful for the numerous hours you have spent putting together my office network, systems and printers that makes my business run efficiently. I appreciated the time you took to make a schematic drawing of where everything goes. This has truly made my business life much easier. When my systems are not working, I'm not working and no business can afford that! I appreciate that you understand the urgency in my business and respond quickly to my needs. I have called you crying on occasion when something is not working and business issues are pressing. You ALWAYS make me feel better and fix whatever has gone wrong - often times remotely.

I joke with my husband by telling him he is the love of my life but you are my network husband. I can't live without either one of you. I will always refer you to anyone in need of website, systems or network services.

Continued best wishes to you,

Most Sincerely,

Piedmont Team
Stacey Holmes

Matt Hulbert built us a beautiful video for our business in a very timely manor.  He took a personal interest in our resort and saw to it that the essence of our unique property was represented. 

I highly recommend him to any business who wants a product that is a step above the average!

Susie Page
Suwannee River Rendezvous
Resort and Campground

Matt Hulbert did consulting for me for over two years, about 12 hours a week, mainly doing data analysis and other computer work with MS Word. He also did some work on our furniture models, especially in developing construction methods for a new sofa design and recording the methods in writing and in videos. I was always pleased with the quality of his work, with his motivation to do any job well, and with his quick picking up of essentially any task. I had already been working with computers (in connection with management of my small company, and preparing advertising) for 12 years before Matt came to work for me, but I had no idea how much I didn't know about what a computer could do until he came to work for me.

For health-related research that I have been working on as a major sideline, Matt showed me that he was able to do in a flash computations that would have taken scores of times as long to do in the way I would have done them previously. His doing a lot of that was a tremendous help, but even better in the long run was his showing me how to do it myself, which I probably never would have gotten around to learning if he hadn't been here. I typically encountered problems with my computer which I had no idea how to fix, and almost invariably Matt was able to fix them. And better yet (whenever I asked), he showed me how to figure out how to fix such things myself in the future. He seems to have an amazing understanding of how computers work, and how to work with them.

Don Meulenburg
Comfy1 Custom Funriture